Board of Directors

Daniel E. Janey, Board Chair: A lifelong resident of Roxbury, Daniel Janey has dedicated his life to the service of others. Though now retired, he was a social worker for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A member since the beginning, Daniel has participated on the HYCC board for 43 years.
Linda Palmer, Vice Chair: Educator, administrator, and mother are just a few adjectives to describe Linda Palmer. An advocate for special needs families, Linda has been on the board for more than a dozen years. Her work continues with HYCC and the communiity to the betterment of all.
Diana DaLomba-Sambrano, Clerk: A critical member of our Communications team, Diana DaLomba-Sambranois an organizer supreme. An accounts contractor by day, she The mother of an alumnus, Diana has lent her support to HYCC for more than 12 years.
Marchelle Raynor, Treasurer: A tireless community member and advocate, Marchelle Raynor has been a member of our board for 15 years. A retired social worker, Marchelle focused her energies on access to quality education. Always a woman of action, she conitues to devote her energy and resources to the success of HYCC.

Carrie F. Osborne Jefferson
Iola Jenkins
Jennifer DuBose
Eltha Phillibert
Linda Freeman
Nyra Culbert Hall
Rebekah McKinney
Doris Morales
Janel Lucas

Advisory Board

Cheryl Barros
Toya Desarmes
Nadine Platt
Jon Ellertson
Keena Kiser
Margaret Brown
Norma Eason
Jean MacDonald.