In-Kind Donations

Hawthorne believes in community and togetherness. Throughout the year, we host free community events, teach youth real world life skills, and provide space for artists residents and others to gather-- all at little to no cost to those participating. While your moneitary donations help make this possible, there are other ways you can support HYCC.

From public events and dinners to organized activities in the the park, HYCC is an open and welcoming community center serving people from well beyond the Highland Park neighborhood of Roxbury where we're located. To support our community efforts, we are looking for:

Projector (preference for indoor/outdoor capability)

Sound System and Speakers (with or without stands)

Outdoor Shed

Grow It Cook It Share It

GCS is our urban agriculture and nutrition program. We steward gardening spaces to provide fresh produce in our community and host FREE community dinners weekly. To support these efforts please consider donating:

Chef's Knives
Liquid measuring cups
Pots and Pans (cast iron or stainless steel bottomed only)
Kitchen utensils

Grow lights
Fruiting bushes (blueberry, blackberry, etc)
Greenhouse and/or Hydroponic Shipping Container Classroom

Interested in volunteering?

Whether you want to organize a group or are looking to make a regular commitment, we are appreciate your time and expertise.
Please contact 617.427.0613 or